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Toyota Supra Drag Races Tesla Model 3 in Gas VS Electric Duel

When someone says "electric-powered engine", people tend to assume it has everything to do with being economical, quite, simple and environment-friendly (which it is, no denying). Nonetheless, today, many companies have ensured not to compromise on speed if embracing the ever-changing technology of electric cars. One of those such companies is Tesla and the Model 3 is its finest example. A car that does not really steps off as exotic looking, but promises to deliver in terms of performance. Now imagine such a vehicle, going against the rebirthed Toyota Supra; a mean, gritty, no-joke performance filled vehicle. Believably, these two monsters went head to head. Who won? The Japanese kemono (beast) or the American silent assassin?

Watch the video of the drag race and see for yourself!

Also, let us know here and on Facebook, what do you think of this awesomely matched match?


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