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For the Love of Cars: Auto Racing in Japan

If anyone knows Japan slightly, definitely knows the love of the Japanese people for their cars. Japan can be appreciated for having a bizarre sub-culture of modifying their transportation means to an extent that is either loved by some, or despised by the rest. While it may seem fairly disturbing to modify a Toyota Prius, which is known for its economic benefits, it may be hard for some to believe that there are actually some petrolheads that tweak their hybrid cars to match their peers' challenging Nissan Skyline and Toyota Supra.

Japan's city Tokyo is the front runner for hosting such spectacles, and for any street racer, it is safe to say that that city is an absolute paradise!

Comment below and share your experience if you have had the pleasure of witnessing it first hand, or join us on Facebook and let us know your thoughts about this bizarre sub-culture that helps Japan stand out in their own way.

Japan's Shizuka has been hosting F1 Racing since 1963

A fine example of the Japanese bosozuko


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